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    no matter how old I get

    I will always be at least slightly convinced that I’m capable of hurting a stuffed animal’s feelings

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    Horses in Abstract, Diptych

    I was out taking long exposure photographs of the soft evening light. These photographs I created an hour ago however, we’re completely by accident as a result.

    Having my camera all set up at a slow shutter speed, I must have spooked these two beautiful show jumping horses, which then proceeded to gallop up and down the field. Without thinking about my camera I just shot away and these were the beautiful results that occurred.

    Fine art giclee prints at: www.artfinder.com/FreddieArdley

    By Freddie Ardley Photography - Follow on: Facebook Twitter Instagram

  3. ninjasexfarty:

    Important, always-relevant comic done by the wonderful Ursa Eyer.

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  5. staceythinx:

    Spectacular images of lava by Bruce Omori

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  6. escapekit:

     Chromatic Typewriter Prints

    Tyree Callahan has recycled (or upcycled, perhaps) a classic 1937 Underwood typewriter by replacing letters with sponges soaked across the spectrum with bright yellows, reds, blues and combinations thereof.

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