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    very into charts about naps

    This is very useful for when I go back to uni.

    "No, professor, I was not sleeping, I was taking the NASA nap."

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    I Am a Bride

    A short comic inspired by Finnish werewolf folklore in which it is many times the wedding couple and/or the entire wedding party that is bewitched to turn into wolves by a resentful guest or family member.

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  3. Anonymous said: do you believe in chickens?


    No, they’re just feathered holograms

  4. lacigreen:

    Urgent new video: Sam Pepper Exposed

    Here are the disturbing unheard stories happening behind closed doors, other YouTube offenders to watch out for, and what we can do about it.


  5. neil-gaiman:

    Last year the Gaiman Foundation helped fund the first of these buses. Now Lava Mae are out to fund a second bus. Can you help?

    There are 7,350+ people without homes in San Francisco. Over half live on the street yet there are only seven places where they can drop in to take a shower.

    It’s not just San Francisco that has this problem. Communities across this country are failing to provide access to hygiene for their citizens. We hear from someone just about every day in some city or town in the US who asks us to bring Lava Mae to their community. The need is huge.

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  9. Nathan Fillion’s panel Q&A at Phoenix Comic Con | June 7, 2014 (x)

    Q: If Firefly had gone on longer, what is something you would’ve hoped to have gotten to do with either just Mal or the story in general?

    I have never stopped (and never will stop) hoping there will one day be more Firefly. There are so many stories still waiting to happen. And this is just one of them.

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